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Amazon Tablet Cases and Covers

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Find out the latest on new Amazon tablet Covers at the Kindle covers and cases site…

Because the Kindle fire is so small it is no wonder that sleeves and folio or jacket style covers are proving just as popular as flip stand style cases. Since the device itself is relatively low in price, we felt it a shame to concentrate on overly expensive (if lovely) luxury cases and have instead brought you a round up of the best economical Kindle Fire Cases & Covers.

You can view the entire range here

Or read on to find out which we recommend…

1. Timbuk2 Kindle Fire Envelope Sleeve

Marware Kindle Fire SleeveFirst up for simplicity, coupled with good all around protection we suggest the Timbuk2 Envelope Sleeve for the Kindle 4.

Why? Well, we love it because:

  1. Textured material on the exterior means it doesn’t slide out of the hand easily. And, though the tablet might be reasonably priced, it is still not something you want to drop too often!
  2. Good range of colors – though admittedly some are a lot nicer than others!
  3. Reasonable price – at the time of writing its selling for a little under $25 which is at the lower end of the prices for cases available.
  4.  High density foam and strong seams ensure a light cover still offers pretty decent protection.
  5. Simple Velcro fastening means this is quick and easy to open and close.

For the really clumsy, something far more rigid and protective might be desirable. But for using the Kindle fire “naked” so to speak this nifty little envelope sleeve is just the job!

2. Marware Leather Kindle Fire Cover

Marware Kindle Fire CoverSecond choice goes to the Marware Leather Kindle Fire cover. This is for those that want more security, good leather and the ability to stand the tablet up for viewing movies.

The plus points include some nice colors, good quality, and a fantastic fit. Though this is protective it adds far less bulk to the tablet that similar cases, because of its attention to detail and form fitting design.

The main negatives are the rather hefty price (though much of the cheaper alternatives in this style leave far more to be desired regarding both quality and fit), and the leather tabs which fold over the front of the display. They don’t get in the way at all, since they sit on the tablet’s outer casing. It’s just that I’m fussy and like the entire face of the device to be kept clear!

3. Built Kindle Fire Sleeve

Built Kindle Fire SleeveThird up is the neoprene sleeve from Built.

This is my personal choice since I like my gadgets to have some protection, but not so much that they become bulky in my purse. The fit on Built sleeves is second to none. You can hold this thing upside-down and there is no problem (though its probably best not too!).

Of course some folks would say not having a secure closure mechanism is a risk. In theory bits of debris from your purse could get inside. To date though this hasn’t been a problem personally, and is perhaps a little incentive to keep my bag tidier than I usually would ūüėČ

It’s simple, the colors are great, and the price is relatively low. Built always deliver in terms of fit and modern good lucks, and their sleeve for the Kindle Fire is no exception!
Back to our original article;

As well as a touch-screen Kindle 4 on the horizon, it now seems more likely than ever that we will also be seeing two Amazon tablet devices in the near future.

This means sleek new covers and cases like those currently being produced for Apple’s iPad, are likely to appear for buyers of any new tablet Kindle. ¬†Great news for those, like me, that enjoy browsing for beautiful gadget accessories.

We expect to see some great high end luxury cases produced by the likes of Saddleback leather and Piel Frama. ¬†But its the mid-range accessories that are most likely to excite. ¬†Innovative new designs, such as the Vu-scape from Targus, would be a welcome addition to the Kindle case range. ¬†But don’t expect to forget reliable makers such as Built and M-Edge. ¬†You can bet your bottom dollar that all the big boys will be working hard to keep your custom!

Here, we’ll be looking at the first Amazon tablet cases and covers that appear on the market. ¬†And, let me tell you, they had better be great if they want to stand the test of time, customer reviews, and our own pages! ¬†So bookmark us and come back for the very best information on the first wave of Amazon tablet and Kindle 4 cases and covers, soon.

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July 4th, 2011 at 2:15 pm

Kindle 4 Covers

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With the latest Kindle 4 being far smaller than earlier generations of the famous ebook reader (and not having a keyboard) they do of course need a new cover. Many of the designs that fit the wi-fi model will also fit the Kindle Touch (though not all, so double check before you buy).

With so many to choose from we thought it was time for a run down of the best Kindle 4 cases and covers on the market so far:

Best Leather Jacket Style Kindle 4 Cover

Kindle 4 Leather CoverWell, this is a tough one as the competition for providing jacket style covers for ebook readers is fierce. It seems many of you like to make your electronic reading devices look a little more traditional, so leather jackets remain popular. Whilst we used to sing the praises of high end luxury covers such as those produced by Cole Haan, it seems silly to do so now that the price of readers has fallen so low. After all, who really can justify paying over half the price again just for a particularly nice cover to put onto their new reader?

View the color range of our favorite leather Kindle 4 covers on Amazon.


This is the reason we have also failed to rate the lighted Amazon cover so highly this time around. Yes they’re very clever, and they don’t cause problems anymore. But still $59 for a cover on a device that only costs $79 seems a little on the extravagant side!

Still it is Amazon who come up trumps again, but with their simple leather cover (not the lighted one). It is still a little pricey (at just under $40 but is heads and shoulders above the competition in terms of quality and design. So far all the book style leather jackets seem to be priced pretty similarly, but whilst others rely on corner straps that we personally find spoil the ease of use of the device, Amazon are sticking with a far less obtrusive system (the reader simply slots into a form cut-out in the back cover and you gently press it into place securely).

There are fewer colors to choose from this time (but they are a little more classy, coming in muted autumn shades). The design is curvy following the contours of the actual Kindle, and frankly we cannot find any other leather covers that look anywhere near as good for the money.

Best Simple Kindle 4 Sleeve

kindle 4 sleeveI think the smaller the ebook reader itself gets, the more people are likely to choose simple sleeves that can be removed to use the device, rather than heavier jackets.

See the Built Kindle 4 Cover range on Amazon.


It seems the manufacturers are thinking the same since there is far more to choose from when looking at sleeves rather than more formal covers for the new Kindle 4.

Built have come up trumps again, slimming down their neoprene sleeves to fit the new models perfectly. A couple of new colors and designs are up for grabs too. What more can we say really, they remain a firm favorite here at the Kindle Covers site.

Best Kindle 4 Case

kindle 4 caseThis is a simple zip up sleeve from Belkin. With it’s grippy side panel you won’t drop your new favorite gadget. It is extremely well padded so even a drop shouldn’t be a problem, and it zips up securely.

See the Belkin Grip Kindle 4 Cases on Amazon


One word of warning, the pretty “infinity pool” color you see pictured is actually a little more of a darker teal. Personally I prefer it, but if you have your heart set on the “infinity” color you may well need to carry on looking! Display colors on our computer screens are never exactly what you end up with sadly.

Best Kindle 4 Covers

So there you go, these are our current favorite covers to keep your Kindle 4 safe and secure. Of course finding the perfect cover is a very personal thing. Tastes, the way you use the reader, and just how clumsy you are will all have a part to play. You might find the “how to pick the best Kindle cover” article useful if you’re spoiled for choice. I love the Built sleeves so much (price tag aside) that I’ve stuck with a new bright red one of those to look after my Kindle 4, whilst a scatterdot version keeps my old Kindle 3 safe!


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June 6th, 2011 at 2:53 pm