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How to Pick the Best Kindle Cover

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Each Kindle cover we review has its fans.  But what is perfect for one might be a disaster for another, so it pays to not only read Kindle case reviews, but also to think about how you use your ebook reader and what kind of protection you really need for it.

To help, here is a brief outline of the different types and styles of covers and cases to be found.  Choosing a particular type will speed up your search no end, and ensure you find the best Kindle covers to suit your particular needs and tastes.

You can click the links at the right to browse for each particular type of cover available.

Book or Jacket Style Kindle Covers

These have traditionally been the most popular form of protection for handheld ebook readers.  The device is held securely at all times, so is always protected against drops or bumps.  What makes these particularly popular is that they make the electronic device feel more like an old fashioned real book in your hands.

The reader itself is secured in various ways.  The Amazon own branded versions (and many others) use a hinge system in the central spine.  The reader hooks onto these hinges and then will never go anywhere unless you take it out on purpose.  These are probably the most secure way to keep the reader in its cover.  But problems with the original versions causing cracking to the device in 2007 still puts some people off this type of cover.

The alternatives use either a four point mounting system or a pocket.  The pocket in the back cover that the reader slides into is often the most secure.  Cut outs allow you to get to the controls, but it does add quite a lot of bulk and weight.  If you use the controls a lot you may find this extra fabric annoying.  The four point mounting system is far more lightweight, usually comprising thin leather, fabric or elastic straps that hold the corners of the device in place.  It is probably more comfortable, but also easier for the Kindle to become dislodged than with other types.

If you read one handed a lot be sure to check your new book style cover will fold completely back for comfortable viewing.

While many book style jackets are leather, giving a traditional feel, you can also find some modern printed canvas versions for some variety.  For something extra smart, buckles and contrasting detailing can give the whole thing the look of a purse rather than a simple book cover (like the Diane von Fursteberg Clutch Cases).

Folio style covers can include stands that flip from the back cover, or covers that simply flip over themselves to create stands for reading hands-free.  Many include document pockets inside too.  If you intend to carry your Kindle inside a bag or back-pack consider getting a cover that has a way to close it securely.  This will prevent any odds and ends slipping inside the cover and possibly damaging the display.  The version pictured features a large elasticated strap to hold the cover securely closed when not in use.

Many book lights will clips easily onto such folio style covers, which is great for reading in bed.  For the ultimate in convenience you might check out the lighted Kindle covers that have a small LED light hidden in the back cover.  Slide it up when you need it and it will be powered by the reader itself.

Kindle Sleeves and Pouches

These are gaining popularity as the Kindle gets smaller and lighter.  Since the latest generation reader is so comfortable to hold as it is, many people are choosing to buy a simple sleeve or pouch that only protects the device when not in use.  This allows them to benefit from the great feel of holding the reader without any interference from a cover or case.

Modern materials such as rip-stop Nylon and neoprene are the most popular finishes from sleeves.  They give great tough protection and are relatively easy to keep clean.  Zippers or Velcro are used to keep many sleeves closed when not in use.  A few pouches such as the Built Kindle Sleeve rely solely on a tight fit to keep the device in place.

There are a few luxury leather sleeve style cases around but mostly such luxury styling is reserved for book style cases and covers instead.  Sleeves and pouches give a more modern and younger look but you must keep in mind that reading on the commute for example will involve removing the sleeve to read.

If you want to charge the device inside its case be sure to get one with a double zipper so you can open it up at the right place for charging.

Additional pockets can accommodate clip on lights or chargers but of course this does add a lot of bulk to the case, fine in your bag but not so great for holding out and about.

Kindle Skins

These are usually silicone or rubber and are really just like a skin that hugs your ebook reader tightly.  These were more common for users of the second generation Kindle as they offered a better grip on the device which had a shiny metallic back plate.  Now the newest Kindle 3 has a rubberised back skins are not seeming to be quite as popular as they were.

These are extremely lightweight and ideal if you want to prevent dirt of scratches reaching your eReader whilst it is being used.  Being so small, most carry cases will take a Kindle whilst in its skin, but not all will so you will need to double check.

Cut outs for the controls allow you to leave the skin in place at all times, offering the most lightweight continual protection option.  Decal skins are basically self adhesive vinyl stickers that give protection against scratches and dirt whilst offering the chance to personalise your device with a pattern you love.

The Best Kindle Covers

The best Kindle covers fit correctly and offer just the amount of protection for the device, you deem necessary.  They allow full access to all controls and let you read comfortably.  The best case will be the one that suits your needs, and appeals to your sense of style too.  There are plenty to choose from so browse around the site to find out which ones we recommend.


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October 31st, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Faux Suede Kindle Covers and Cases

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faux suede kindle cases

Suede Kindle Covers and Cases are a luxurious way of protecting your new ebook reader.  As much as we would love to enjoy the feel of real suede though it really isn’t that practical as a material for the outside of any handheld device.  Faux suede though has come a long way.  Available in a variety of colors (hot pink has to be our favorite) and able to withstand the trials, tribulations and dirt of modern urban living a faux suede carrying case for your Kindle can give you the feel of luxury without the impracticality of the real thing.

With this particular suede Kindle jacket you get a fair amount of that all important padding.  It offers true protection for the electronic reader itself.  A zipper keeps the Kindle 2 happily snug, and although designed specifically with the Kindle reader in mind it does allow enough room inside for you to have a silicon cover or sleeve for additional protection on your reader too, and will still fit in easily.

Another zipped up pocket on the outside allows for easy carrying of additional Kindle Accessories.  Things like your charger or earphones need not be left behind.

A slightly more funky Kindle Cover than most, coming in 5 colors (hot pink, navy, bright red, black and grey) , but also an extremely affordable and practical faux suede Kindle case.

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April 30th, 2010 at 2:26 pm